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Das Kapital - Ghost Bikes RideJFR 092
Thirteen new songs on this, the 3rd full-length from Chicago's favorite drunken punks. LP is limited to 100 hand-numbered, silk-screened copies comes with a download card, and won't be re-pressed! Or just download the record (with a bonus track) for $6.00!

Listen to "Claudius the God MP3"

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Download Only $6.00     Add to Cart

Devon Kay & The Solutions - Never PuntJFR 091
Straight from the mean streets of Logan Square, Devon Kay & The Solutions offer up six meaty slabs of pop-punk goodness! "What Would Bruce Campbell Do?" He'd do a shot of Malort, and crank these tunes, that's what!

Listen to "W.W.B.C.D. MP3"

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Sass Dragons - New Kids on the BongJFR 090
Sass Dragons "New Kids on the Bong" CD only $10.00 The latest and greatest from Chicago's kings poppy, drunken punk rock mayhem!!! 16 new songs with a shit load of guest appearances, scatological humor, and a healthy dose of the good old fuck you.

Listen to "Diaper Baby MP3"

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Various Artists - Half-Assed ChicagoJFR 088
In the best craptacular Chicago fashion Johann's Face is proud to bring you sixteen UNRELEASED tracks from the following "artists": The Arrivals/Sass Dragons/The Brokedowns/M.O.T.O/Shotbaker The Yolks/Das Kapital/Hewhocorrupts/The Krunchies/Vacation Bible School/The Catburglars/Days Off/Bread and Bottle/BiFurious/ The House That Gloria Vanderbilt/97-Shiki. Also includes free download card of all the tracks for the MyPod generation. All on colored vinyl and limited to 500 copies. Huzza! Lordy, lordy!

LP w/Download Card: $10.00     Add to Cart

Aspic Tines - Crypto-Superzeit! InternationalJFR 087
The super fantastic debut from Aspic Tines-- an alien now living on Earth and enslaving the human race one at a time with his infectious beats. If you like Klaus Nomi then, come on--DO NOT RESIST!

Listen to "Magic Life MP3"

CD $10.00     Add to Cart

Download from Aspic Tines - Crypto-Superzeit! International

Bread and Bottle - Long Story ShortJFR 086
Debut CD from this Chicago band features members of Das Kapital and The Repellents. Nine songs recorded by Nat from Shotbaker!!

Listen to "Overlook Hotel MP3"

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Das Kapital - JFR 085
Three songs from Chicago's Das Kapital, limited to 200 hand-numbered copies on clear vinyl. Chicago-style melodic punk rock hot dogs!!!

Listen to "Ben We're Jealous MP3"

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dOUBT - Box of HeadachesJFR 084
10 songs recorded in 1990 by Chicago's dOUBT, features Marc Ruvolo (No Empathy, Atari Star, Das Kapital), and Kera Schaley (played on Nirvana "In Utero", Vic Chestnutt), in the vein of The Pixies and Sonic Youth. Recorded by Steve Albini.

Listen to "Eighteen Answers MP3"

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Download from Doubt - Box of Headaches (Digital Only)

Sass Dragons - Bonkaroo!JFR 083
Debut from this craaaazzzzeee 3-dude Chicago punk band. 16 songs about melvins, makin' love, acid and Dan Fife. Sounds absolutely nothing like DC Talk, I swear. Members of Vacation Bible School and Das Kapital on guest vocals too! The LP is printed on white vinyl - get it while supplies last!

Listen to "Makin' Love MP3"

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LP $10     Add to Cart

Download from Sass Dragons - Bonkaroo!

Das Kapital - Died TrueJFR 080
The second full-length from these Chicago BBQ punkers, 11 new songs, smartass basement anthems for all. The LP is limited to 500 copies on robins-egg blue vinyl. Recorded by Greg "Whiffle Ball" Norman at Electrical Audio. Bravissimo!

Listen to "Died True MP3"

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Download from Das Kapital - Died True

The Atari Star - AniseedJFR 079
The fourth full length from The Atari Star sees Marc and Davey returning to the rocking, poppy elements of earlier records while retaining the dark edge or more recent material. Guests include: Michael Perkins (Sig Transit Gloria/Far Rad) on Bassoon and Hammond B3, Casey Olin (Das Kapital) on Lead Guitar, Rob Brandt (Lando's 45/The Letterbombs) on Bass, and Dana Hammett on backing vocals. Nine new tracks recorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio.

Listen to "This is Where I Often Pause MP3"

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Download from The Atari Star - Aniseed

Midwest Blue - SidesJFR 078
Collected discography from this much loved Chicago pop punk/emo band, includes their "Alarm Clock" CDEP plus 5 previously unreleased tracks!

Listen to "What Do Scissors Do? MP3"

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Das Kapital - Denying The WestJFR 077
The debut from Das Kapital contains 10 tracks of hard-charging melodic punk with a little smidge of rock and roll. Features ex-members of TRAITORS and NO EMPATHY

Listen to "Set Adrift Again MP3"

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Download from Das Kapital - Denying the West

J+J+J - They Hump While We Go NutsJFR 076
The debut from Joanna and Johnny (and Jesus) is a sugar-high electropop romp through seventeen tracks of danceable robot rhythms, addictive synth madness, and geek topics that would make even the most jaded indie snob crack a smile. Features a guest appearance by MAGAS (Ersatz Audio) and remixes by legendary Italian dance act N.O.I.A and UK electronic duo SCHMOOF!

Listen to "Jobs That Require Hedphones (Schmoof RMX) MP3"

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Download from J+J+J - They Hump While We Go Nuts

Far Rad - This Candy's GrossJFR 075
Debut full-length of low-fi electronic freakiness. Think THE RESIDENTS meets KRAFTWERK at a high school drug party. Features Mike Perkins of WRITTEN IN THE SAND/SIG TRANSIT GLORIA and Ken Zawacki of GHOST ARCADE

Listen to "Betelguise MP3"

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Download from Far Rad - This Candy's Gross

The Atari Star - Prayer+PretendJFR 074
The hotly-anticipated third full-length from this Chicago band, Prayer+Pretend offers up nine new originals and a cover of SHELLAC's song "Copper". Recorded by Greg Norman (His credits include: MCLUSKY, THE DETACHMENT KIT, AND 90 DAY MEN).

Listen to "Starve a Fever MP3"

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Download from The Atari Star - Prayer + Pretend

Midwest Blue - Alarm ClockJFR 073
The debut from this Chicago punk band, five songs of melodic, in-your-face power. Limited edition clear cd too!

Listen to "Alarm Clock MP3"

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The Braves - Love & MercyJFR 072
Rockford IL's THE BRAVES second full-length, offers up nine new songs of rootsy, smokin', indie rock. Recorded in Chicago by Mike Hagler "Love and Mercy" features ex-members of GODS REFLEX and THE EVERGREEN TRIO!

Listen to "Good Advices MP3"

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Download from The Braves - Love & Mercy

First Class - Somewhere In The Grey EPJFR 071
This is the debut CD EP from Chicago punks, FIRST CLASS. Six songs of fast, melodic punk which follows in the footsteps of NOFX and No Use For a Name. Recorded at the Bombshelter by DAN PRECISION (88 Fingers Louie, Break the Silence).

Listen to "Any More Lonely MP3"

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Download from First Class - Somewhere In the Grey - EP

The Rutabega - These Knotty LinesJFR 070
The Rutabega "These Knotty Lines" The long awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut "Cobus Green" finds singer-songwriter Josh Hensley spreading his musical wings with the help of a few friends. 10 new, endearing, indie pop gems to feast your ears on!

Listen to "44 MP3"

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Download from The Rutabega - These Knotty Lines

Urbs in Horto - A Chicago Indiepop CompilationJFR 066
Released in cooperation with Aadam Jacobs and The Chicago Indiepop Fest, URBS IN HORTO contains 18 unreleased tracks from such Chicago greats as ARCHER PREWITT, WRITTEN IN THE SAND, LIGHT FM, THE SLUGS, KIM, THE ATARI STAR, THE RUTABEGA, THE BRAVES, DAVID SINGER AND THE SWEET SCIENCE, LONGITUDE, THE HUSHDROPS and many others. Plus a spoken-word intro by noted local poet and indie scene fixture THAX DOUGLAS.

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Download from The Atari Star - Urbs In Horto: A Chicago Indiepop Compilation

The Atari Star - Dispelling The Myth of Accurate MapsJFR 065
"Dispelling The Myth of Accurate Maps", The Atari Star's fourth release sees he band veering from their past keyboard-based sound into more guitar and noise territory while yet retaining the pop melodicism and intelligent indie rock of their past work. MIKE PERKINS and DAN JUGLE (Written in the Sand) contribute keyboard and drum machine help on most tracks. Recorded by Greg Norman (90 Day Men, The Detachment Kit) at Chicago's Electrical Audio.

Listen to "Title Track MP3"

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Download from The Atari Star - Dispelling the Myth of Accurate Maps

Written in the Sand - 47 Ursae MajorisJFR 063
Johann's Face Record Company is very excited to offer the debut CD from Chicago's own WRITTEN IN THE SAND. Comprised of ex-members of Chicago keyboard-core legends SIG TRANSIT GLORIA and BOYLION (MOC Records), WITS serves up two-keyboard pop rock with sci-fi and fantasy themes. Rockin', tuneful, funny, this baby has got it all.

Listen to "Arachnaphobia MP3"

CD $10     Add to Cart

Rutabega - Cobus GreenJFR 062
The debut CD from South Bend Indiana's The Rutabega, AKA Josh Hensley, is a rich palette of low-fi, four track pop songs bringing to mind Elliot Smith and The Flaming Lips. 12 songs which deliver a picturesque slice of small-town life that most everyone can relate to.

Listen to "Trashcan MP3"

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Download from The Rutabega - Cobus Green

The Atari Star - And Other Smaller, And Brighter WorldsJFR 061
"And Other Smaller, Brighter Worlds," The Atari Star's second full-length release expands further upon the diverse palette of melodic pop textures showcased on their 2001 debut. Swirling, gentle, pop songs coupled with bittersweet lyrics create a sound that is both familiar and strikingly original. Recorded once again by Chicago engineer Jeremy Lemos (whose recent credits include: Stereolab, Joan of Arc, Smog, and Jim O'Rourke), "And Other Smaller, Brighter Worlds" is sure to be hailed as one of the best American indie rock records of 2002.

Listen to "Occasional Genius MP3"

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Download from The Atari Star - And Other Smaller, Brighter Worlds

The Traitors - Everything Went ShitJFR 058
For five years THE TRAITORS left a trail of black eyes, chipped teeth, broken equipment and eventually earned the title of "most hated band in Chicago". Having reached this point (and banned from almost every club in a 200 mile radius) they did what all great bands do- they imploded before they sucked. Included here for the first time is the "lost" album featuring the original lineup: Matt Skiba (THE ALKALINE TRIO) on drums, Todd Pot (APOCALYPSE HOBOKEN) on Vocals, Marc Ruvolo (NO EMPATHY) on Guitar and Francisco (NOSTRILSAURUS) on Bass. The disc also includes all of their rare and out-of-print singles, plus comp tracks and unreleased tracks. Hard, fast, and nasty, "Everything Went Shit" is a worthy document of a punk band that burned fast and pissed off a lot of people in the process. Ain't that what rock n roll is all about?

Listen to "Im So Happy When Im Hating MP3"

CD $10     Add to Cart

Download from Traitors - Everything Went Shit

The Atari Star - Shrp Knf Cts MtnsJFR 055
Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed Moving in the Still Frame EP, THE ATARI STAR give us 10 new lush, thoroughly American pop songs. Recorded by Jeremy Lemos (STEROLAB, JOAN OF ARC, SMOG, JIM O'ROURKE) Shrp Knf CTS Mtns combines chiming guitar melodies with piano, strings and simple pop beats. Guest musicians include: Matt Skiba (THE ALKALINE TRIO), Mike Perkins (SIG TRANSIT GLORIA).

Listen to "Small Anthem MP3"

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Download from The Atari Star - Shrp Knf Cts Mtns

SIG Transit Gloria - SIG Transit GloriaJFR 053
Hot on the heels of their critically drooled-over (the fastest selling Johann's Face debut ever!) EP 2>8>2000, Chicago's SIG TRANSIT GLORIA dishes up 10 more slabs of tasty keyboardcore guaranteed to satisfy even the most diehard pop sweet tooth. Recorded by Jeremy Lemos (STEREOLAB, JOAN OF ARC, SMOG, THE ATARI STAR) this self-titled disc is chock full of unapologetic synth and piano driven pop songs. Sunny melodies and teenage angst delivered with that unmistakable candy sheen that only true pop rock can deliver.

Listen to "Thank You MP3"

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The Atari Star - Moving In The Still FrameJFR 052
Simple, spare pop songs about faith, desire, confusion and love following in the footsteps of PEDRO THE LION, SMOG and JOAN OF ARC. Six songs of ephemeral longing and dark blue days, produced by Jeremy Lemos (JIM O' ROURKE, THE ALUMINUM GROUP).

Listen to "I Dont Know Where To Begin MP3"

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Download from The Atari Star - Moving In the Still Frame - EP

Sig Transit Gloria - 2>8>2000JFR 050
At the forefront of New Chicago bands, imagine THE ALKALINE TRIO with a keyboard player and enough sunny melodies about lost love to illuminate even the darkest soul. Produced by Matt Allison (THE HONOR SYSTEM, THE ALKALINE TRIO), 2>8>2000 contains five songs, all of which will stick in your head for days.

Listen to "Wide Open Window MP3"

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Gods Reflex - Scenes From A Motel SeductionJFR 049
Recorded with Dave Trumfio (WILCO, PULSARS, APOCALYPSE HOBOKEN) Scenes offers up eleven songs brimming with melodic song craft, intelligent lyrics and pure, post-punk power.

Listen to "Put Down That Guitar MP3"

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Download from God's Reflex - Scenes from a Motel Seduction

Cletus - Horseplay Leads to TragedyJFR 044
Coming back at ya with album #3, here's everybody's favorite junkie pop-punkers CLETUS and their latest slab Horseplay Leads to Tragedy. Once again, you can be regaled with tales of sex, drugs and debauchery all courtesy of Johnny Puke's unmistakable vocals and the band's blend of clean melodicism and pounding hooks.

Listen to "Somewhere Down The Road MP3"

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Download from Cletus - Horesplay Leads to Tragedy

Lynnard's Innards - You're Wreckin' MeJFR 042
LYNNARD'S INNARDS, a three piece melodic punk band from Chicago now entering their tenth year, are proud to offer you their second full length recording. Melodic, poppy, hooky and original- LYNNARD'S INNARDS has got it all.

Listen to "Blue Line MP3"

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The Traitors - S/TJFR 041
Get your ass kicked! After three blazing 7"s, these troublemakers grace all with a full length of their brand of nasty garage hardcore. Features ex-members of Chicago's NO EMPATHY. Recorded by Steve Albini. Think NEW BOMB TURKS, only faster; think MINOR THREAT, only more fucked up; think very, very drunk.

Listen to "Goddamn Arson Fire MP3"

CD $10     Add to Cart

Download from Traitors - Traitors

No Empathy - Good Luck Makes Me NervousJFR 040
A collection of all the hard to find singles and compilation appearances plus seven previously unreleased tracks from various points in the history of this Chicago punk band. 13 years of DIY, melodic, pure, punk rock direct from the basements, VFW Halls and garages of the Midwest.

Listen to "Battle Of The Network Scars MP3"

CD $10     Add to Cart

Download from No Empathy - Good Luck Makes Me Nervous

Gods Reflex - A Brief Lesson in AffectionJFR 039
Hailing from Rockford, IL, this band creates complex and melodic compositions that bring to mind bands such as THE PROMISE RING and JAWBREAKER. This is a stunning debut for such a young band (average age is 19), 13 songs that document a band bursting with ideas and emotion.

Listen to "The Summer In Between MP3"

CD $10     Add to Cart

Download from God's Reflex - A Brief Lesson in Affection

Scared of Chaka/The Traitors - Scared of Chaka/Traitors 7 inch EP splitJFR 035
Two garage ragers from SOC: an original called "Rose Rose" and a cover of "Icepick" by the legendary SUPERCHARGER. The TRAITORS are fast, furious rockers and feature members of NO EMPATHY, ALKALINE TRIO, HUBCAP and NOSTRILSAURUS. Back of 7" photo is the bathroom at the Fireside Bowl. Yum!

7" EP $4     Add to Cart

No Empathy - The Same Mistakes Endlessly RepeatedJFR 032
Pure, intelligent punk in the mold of such greats as THE EFFIGIES, NAKED RAYGUN, SHAM 69 and STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. Meat-and-potatoes punk with an accent on melodicism and power. They've also included a rousing cover of COCKSPARRER's '77-classic "Runnin' Riot" to round off the package.

Listen to "Consolation Prize MP3"

CD $10     Add to Cart

Download from No Empathy - The Same Mistakes Endlessly Repeated

No Empathy - You're So SmartJFR 016
The fourth full-length from these Chicago veterans. Melodic punk coupled with intelligent lyrics and hard-hitting dynamics. Recorded by Bob Weston.

Listen to "The Critic MP3"

CD $10     Add to Cart

Download from No Empathy - You're So Smart

No Empathy - They want whateverJFR 010
The third full-length from these DIY veterans continues in their tradition of aggro-melodic punk. Includes their 1989 release, Freedom of Flesh, originally on Roadkill Records.

Listen to "Try Not To Hurt Anyone MP3"

CD $10     Add to Cart

Download from No Empathy - They Want Whatever

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