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Patsy Presents - CompilationPatsyCD2
A Compliation from our sister label (South bend IN). Includes tracks from The Atari Star, The Rutabega, and Space and Noise Productions.

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The Flavor Channel - PlexicomJFR 27.5
The debut full-length from this band combines the melodicism of the SMOKING POPES with hints of THE MONOCHROME SET. Add a little touch of surf and viola, pure heaven.

Listen to "Nonchalant MP3"

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Download from The Flavor Channel - Plexicom

Dolores - Of Happiness And ResolutionJFR 047
From Santa Cruz, California, DOLORES features the ex-guitarist from LINK 80 they create music that swirls and resonates. Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and cello combine to form something more akin to JOY DIVISION, RADIOHEAD, or JOAN OF ARC. This is a one time pressing of 500 copies on gold vinyl.

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30 Lincoln - AvantiJFR 043
Step up! Cleveland's 30 LINCOLN come out swinging on this debut with their own brand of down and dirty garage rock. Mix together pieces of the DEAD BOYS, THE HEARTBREAKERS and ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT--add alcohol plus a slight mod influence and Blam! you get 30 LINCOLN's Avanti.

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Various Artists - Marc's a Dick and Gar's a Drunk: The Johann's Face StoryJFR 033
A sampler of all the great Johann's Face acts featuring punk rock and a whole lot more. Unreleased tracks from: ALKALINE TRIO, THE STRIKE, J CHURCH, NO EMPATHY, APOCALYPSE HOBOKEN, OBLIVION, SMOKING POPES, NOT REBECCA, CLETUS, SIDEKICK KATO and a bunch more!

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Download from God's Reflex - Mark's a Dick and Gar's a Drunk: The Johann's Face Story

No Empathy/Zoinks! - Zoinks/No EmpathyJFR 023
ZOINKS!, from Reno, NV, get two songs: "As If" and "Hooray!" Punk stalwarts NO EMPATHY get two: "Shot in the Head" and "Heard That Song." All in one amazing release!

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International Hoodwink/Smoothies - International Hoodwink/SmoothiesJFR 018.5
The SMOOTHIES give you one last hit with the song "Peak" before moving on to Southern Records. At the same time, Johann's Face introduces to you the new Chicago noise mongers, INTERNATIONAL HOODWINK.

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Smoothies - Overdose MeJFR 017
The first recording from this Lake County two-girl, two-boy outfit. Fast paced, heavy, jarring and too damned catchy.

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Chia Pet - MehaJFR 007
One of Marc's many early bands. Funk, Classic Rock, Pop and a whole bunch of tongue in cheek weirdness thrown into a blender. Produced by Brad Wood. (Credits: Liz Phair, Ben Lee, many others).

Listen to "Mole Lake MP3"

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Download from Chia Pet - Meha

No Empathy - Ben Weasel Don't Like ItJFR 006
The original and now legendary Chicago punk single with Ben Weasel on guest vocals. B-Side is a cover of the Bad Religion song "Chasing The Wild Goose" from their "lost" and totally disavowed album, "Into The Unknown". The cd version has three extra tracks not found elsewhere including the smash hit "Maps"! CD/EP originally released on Broken Rekids.

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Download from No Empathy & Ben Weasel - Ben Weasel Don't Like It - EP

Rotweiler Tube - S/TJFR 005
Yet another one off project for Marc R. Heavy sludge rock, slow and nasty. Brian Vermin (Screeching Weasel/Sludgeworth) on drums! Cover art by noted tattoo artist Guy Aitchison. Very Limited quantities!!!

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Shiva - StarlingsJFR 003
Another of Marc's one-off projects. Textured melodic rock that would in later years probably fall somewhere in the world of "emo". Clear vinyl recorded by Phil Bonnet (Credits: Smoking Popes, Apocalypse Hoboken, Sidekick Kato, Cheer Accident).

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The Stoves - I am youJFR 001
Before THE ATARI STAR, Marc and Davey had The Stoves. Lo-Fi, four-track madness with a melancholy pop edge. Originally given away to special friends as an art project. Limited quantities!!!

Listen to "Crayola MP3"

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Download from The Stoves - I Am You

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