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The Squad (1998-2002)

Martin Geraghty: Guitar
Jeff Smith: Guitar
Steve Gallup: Bass
CJ Heimberger: Drums
Marc Ruvolo: Vocals

The Squad was formed in 1997 in wake of the demise of No Empathy. Martin and Steve
(No Empathy) joined up with CJ (ex-Fighters) and Jeff (ex-Sillies/Denton, TX.) to form a kickass street punk band with Chicago sensibilities. After a year of songwriting Marc Ruvolo (ex-No Empathy/Traitors) climbed on board for vocal duties. This demo was recorded by Greg Norman at Truckstop Studios in 2000 and contains a cover of the Pogues classic "Rake at the Gates of Hell". It was sold at shows only in a limited pressing of 300 copies.

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Friday pint
Right To Know
Bricks And Pricks
Pay No Mind
Rake At The Gates Of Hell
Right Off The Bat
Thanks For Nothing
We Got It Made
We're The Squad
You're Shit
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