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The Atari Star

The first track is a remix of The Assimilationist(from Prayer+Pretend) done by J+J+J. They speed things up big time on this one. Warning: Download with caution, party will ensue.

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The Assimilationist
J+J+J Remix
Night Striped Assassins
Mike Perkins Remix
I Think We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
Strange But Not a Stranger


New Release
Das Kapital - Ghost Bikes Ride
Listen to "Claudius the God" MP3
LP w/Download Card $15.00Add to Cart
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New Release
Devon Kay & The Solutions - Never Punt
Listen to "W.W.B.C.D." MP3
CD EP $8.00Add to Cart
New Release
Sass Dragons - New Kids on the Bong
Listen to "Diaper Baby" MP3
CD $10.00Add to Cart
New Release
Various Artists - Half-Assed Chicago
LP w/Download Card: $10.00Add to Cart
New Release
Aspic Tines - Crypto-Superzeit! International
Listen to "Magic Life" MP3
CD $10.00Add to Cart
Download from Aspic Tines - Crypto-Superzeit! International